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terms and conditions
• Booking
To book David Charles Photography for your wedding you should complete our wedding photography booking form. Bookings are only confirmed on our receipt of this form together with the necessary non- refundable booking fee applicable to the photography package.chosen. Verbal bookings are not accepted. Should you decide to cancel or change the booked date for whatever reason your booking fee will be forfeited. This is because once your wedding date is entered into our diary no further weddings will booked for that day. You therefore accept that the value of the booking fee is an agreed loss by you due to your cancellation. All. cancellations must be made in writing.

• Payment
Once your wedding has been booked and the necessary booking fee paid, the full outstanding balance for the chosen photography package becomes payable one calendar month prior to the wedding day.
For additional items such as reprints payment is required at time of order.

• Amount of photographs

Whilst we don’t put a limit on the amount of images we capture at your wedding during the agreed attendance time, the actual amount may depend
on the size of your wedding, the location, or the prevailing weather. We reserve the right to edit out blinks, duplicate images or those containing inappropriate expressions.

• Images
We use high resolution digital cameras to capture your images. You accept that we will crop and make any necessary adjustments to the colour and size of the final image at our discretion as professional photographers. You also understand and accept that colour matching is not guaranteed and will be influenced by the lighting and weather conditions at the time and location where the photographs are being taken. All quoted print sizes are nominal. Your album choice can also dictate the final print size for some of the images.

•  Who will we photograph?

We ask you to complete a wedding photography photo list for the key individuals you wish us to photograph. We would ask you to designate an usher or other appropriate individual to help us identify who’s who. Remember as we offer both formal and reportage styles try not to make the list too long!  You accept that the willingness of subjects and prevailing weather conditions may make it impossible to capture all the images requested.

• Digital retouching of images
This is available as a chargeable option.

• Attendance
Accidents and illness can happen, so in the unlikely event we are unable to photograph your wedding due to such unforseen circumstances, we reserve the right to appoint  another photographer to attend and photograph your wedding on our behalf. You would be notified regarding such a change.

•  Copyright
All images are the copyright of David Charles Photography and you understand that any digital images supplied to you whether included as part of an album package, purchased as reprints after your wedding or supplied to you on disc remain the property of the David Charles Photography in respect of copyright ownership and rights usage. You are not allowed to scan, copy, reprint or sell the images. You also understand and accept that David Charles Photography may choose to use the images for display in print, on the web or in our studio for the purpose of and inconjunction with the promotion of David Charles Photography.

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